Top 5 best tv shows to binge watch ever.

Best tv shows to binge watch ever.

I think drama makes for the best tv shows to binge watch ever because they’re telling a story like a great novel so when one episode ends you’re sitting at the edge of your seat wanting more.People used to plan their schedules around being home to watch their favorite shows. In other words, perhaps even more than sports, television maybe everyone’s favorite pastime. But some shows are just better than others, so you can have the luxury of being a selection when you spend hours of your life staring at a screen.

Our team have done a survey on 500 Binge-watchers to comment on their top TV-shows till now.We have picked 5 most common TV-shows among their favourites and also their comments on them to create this amazing list for you.

So without wasting more time lets start with a list of best tv shows to binge watch ever  in the history of the small screen.


One of the well-known series which got the highest rating when it comes to best series of all time. The series started in the year 2002 and ended in 2008. There is no more difference between the rating of the top 5 on our list as every season struggle to be on the top of one another. This a David Simon’s crime drama genre show.

People opinion – we can’t move if we started an episode once, can’t even move our neck. This show is rated on the top among the best tv shows list.


It’s a miracle that is happening with “The Simpsons” show as it is the only show which has got run for 28 seasons and still counting. The first season came in 1989 and last came last year. This is something non-sensible that people love to watch when they want to relax their mind. The uniqueness of characters has laid the audience laugh till date.

Public opinion – We feel relaxed and exceptionally entertaining.


TV series that came in 2011 and ended in 2019. This is one of the biggest television series that made a mark with the best story writing of George R.R. Martin’s book and the reality that made something unexpected for the audience. This political historical period show made a huge impact on the audience. Artists like Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, Emilia Clarke, and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau have given their best shot to make it look much better.

Verdict – Nature makes things happen when you don’t expect. Best series on politics ever made. In public opinion, it is my personal favorite among the best tv shows list.


One series which was liked by adults. The series includes drinking, parties, gambling, smoking, psychologist and much more thing which is done by youngsters. This drama series first came in 1993 -1996. After a few years, the last series came in 2006. This series is from Britain and said as one of the best drama series ever produced.

Public opinion-thrilling,suspense,drama all in one.


The most popular series of all college-going students so far. This show came in 1994-2004. This is one series that makes you feel young if you are 60 now. Still, everything is fresh in the show. Public opinion – Best tv show that made our live’s  happy and taught us about true friendship. Most youngsters rated Friends as best tv shows ever shown on television.




Oz series started in 1997 and continued till 2003. The series has put down all efforts to bring the dark side of prison life. The series set in the Oswald Correctional Facility. They have taken a few character’s life and subjected them to make a perfect script. People view – Good show to know about prison life.



Hope you enjoyed top 5 best tv show list,be sure to binge-watch these awesome TV-Shows right if you haven’t already.

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